Norway Has Succeeded In Recycling 97% Of Plastic Bottles Used By Its Citizens For 7 Years

In terms of plastic recycling, Scandinavia is the first in the world, and more particularly Norway. Thanks to an organization called Infinitum, Norway has created one of the most efficient systems for removing excess plastic. Especially that of the bottles.

The results of the European nation’s recycling system have been so positive that many countries near and far have started to follow the Norwegian example.


The system set up by Infinitum has so far made it possible to recycle 97% of plastic bottles, with only 1% in final contact with the environment. But there is more: around 92% of recycled plastic bottles have been reused as containers for a new use; of this 92%, more than half of the bottles were reused as containers more than fifty times.

Even so, the figures for plastic recycling in other countries are alarming: 91% of the plastic in the world is not recycled, and about 8 million tonnes are thrown away or end up in the oceans each year. So why is the Norwegian system succeeding in such an inglorious global context?


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The Infinitum system is based on the concept of the loan; when the consumer buys a plastic bottle, he is charged an additional pennies. The royalty can then be returned using machines that collect the bottles, or re-use the amount in stores or gas stations through a cash credit system or to spend on points. The store owners themselves earn a small commission for each plastic bottle they recycle, which generates a huge increase in sales on their premises.

According to Infinitum’s estimates, the success of the program they created in Norway has led countries like India, China, Australia, and Scotland to visit the organization’s headquarters. One more reason to follow in Infinitum’s revolutionary footsteps and save our planet from pollution caused by excess plastic.

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