Rare White Crow With Blue Eyes Has Been Spotted And Rescued: It Is Fighting For Its Survival.

When one thinks of an animal such as the crow, a specific characteristic comes to mind: its black color. Yet nature is often so adept at confusing us and denying our certainties that, as in the case of this animal, she has really done everything to surprise us and present us with an incredible creature.

The reason? Instead of being a classic black specimen, this crow is white and has blue eyes, which is why it has gained worldwide attention and has become a real star since its discovery, although its history is no not the happiest and most simple.


image credit: North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre/Facebook

This is not the first time that specimens of this type have been spotted in the area where it was found. This is Canadian Vancouver Island, a wild and beautiful place, considered by many to be a true natural paradise and a preferred destination for whale watching.

A perfect place, in short, to welcome such an incredible bird, a rare animal, saved from afar from positive fate. According to experts at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Center, the birds seen previously had not survived for more than a year, and this one was not doing very well.


image credit: North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre/Facebook

White and blue-eyed, it’s hard not to be fascinated by this crow. But he is as beautiful as he is fragile, as he could not fly, was injured, emaciated, and in dire need of antibiotics. This is what Derek Downes, a supervisor at the Vancouver Center for the protection of wildlife, says , informing everyone of his condition a few days after his discovery.

“He has completed his course of antibiotics and has responded fantastically to the treatment. We still have to give him vitamins and medicine for his immune system. These are precisely his poor defenses, like those of other white crows seen and found in these regions, which led him to manifest various health problems .


image credit: North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre/Facebook

According to experts, it is not an albino, but rather a white specimen, whose general condition would lead him to present various health impairments. The fact that he looks different from others doesn’t help him in group dynamics, and his plumage is weaker than standard plumage.

It is to be hoped that this unusual and delicate bird will continue to enchant everyone with its appearance and that it will return to the wild, perhaps under the protective supervision of the people who cared for it.

source used: CBC

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