This Russian Photographer Manages To Immortalize The Rare And Wonderful Phenomenon Of Iridescent Clouds

When we admire certain spectacles, it is not difficult to convince ourselves that nature always manages to amaze us in the most unthinkable forms and ways. The world around us is truly a place where surprises never fail. What we can admire, sometimes, can even go beyond our wildest imaginations.

Whoever decides to immortalize the most beautiful phenomena that Mother Nature puts at our disposal knows well, as the Russian photographer Svetlana Kazina, who has decided to devote her professional activity to capturing the most fascinating natural wonders. His images showing rare and beautiful iridescent clouds fully demonstrate what we are talking about.

image credit: Svetlana Casino

They are also called “rainbow clouds”, and having the privilege of seeing them with your own eyes is not common. Usually, they can only be observed in certain places on the planet, especially in the mountains and especially in autumn or winter. At the origin of this marvelous optical phenomenon, there is obviously the light which, passing through the clouds and the drops of water they contain, spreads out giving life to breathtaking color shows.

A bit like what happens when the rainbow is formed, but in this case, it is the clouds that are at the center of the play of light. Svetlana Kazina has managed to immortalize the phenomenon in the southwest of Russia where she lives, the mountainous region of Altaj . She shared the fabulous photographs on her social networks , where she received many appreciations from many Internet users who were not familiar with the phenomena captured.

There is nothing to say: once again, the beauty of the environment that welcomes us manages to leave us speechless. It is also thanks to the work of photographers like Kazina that we can get to know more closely particular and rare aspects of our wonderful world.

Source used :
Svetlana Kazina / Instagram

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