17 Photos That Prove The World Still Has Many Surprises.

Having a camera on our cell phones has turned out to be a super advantage because we finally have the possibility of saving in photos all those moments that are important or special in our lives.

The following photos that we are going to show you were shared by Internet users and they all agree that they were taken just at the right time.

#01. Fans trying to catch the baseball.

#02. This waiter almost managed to serve his drinks.

#03. The exact moment I lost my glasses.

#04. Good catch!

#05. ¬°Selfie!

#06. Just before the mess.

#07. The moment your chair broke.

#08. Everything but my snow!

#09. In the contest to load more jars.

#10. The invisible player.

#11. Catch the apple!

#12. I think this bag is going to break …

#13. The game of these gentlemen is about to be ruined.

#14. I think this bird lacks more ability to steal.

#15. The perfect reflections.

#16. I’m very sorry, but now it belongs to me.

#17. Perfect angle.

what is your favorite photo.. comment with you ideas ?

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