22 Images That Prove That Japan Lives In The Year 3020

The Asian country surprises us with its technological and creative advances.

Japan country made up of an archipelago off the east coast of Asia, is well known for its unique and proud culture.

Japanese culture may seem peculiar to many, but this vibrant and prosperous nation can certainly teach others a thing or two about innovation, imagination, family values, and respect for others.

The following images seem so distant from Western culture that we are used to some of its traditions that may seem exotic to us:

#1. Elevators in Japanese department stores have attendants.

#2. The bathrooms even have baby seats.

#3. They even offer sinks built into the toilet to recycle water.

#4. Meet the ‘Seagaia Ocean Dome’, one of the largest indoor water parks in the world.

#5. A typical capsule hotel that offers everything guests may need in a concise space.

#6. A grocery store without salespeople: you choose the products and leave the money in the jar.

#7. Some Japanese inventions are quite strange, but we cannot deny the fact that they are very progressive.

#8. In Japan, world famous products have endless varieties of flavors.

#9. The most organized baggage claim you’ve ever seen (Narita International Airport)

#10. A mini McDonalds for ice cream.

#11. Now I know where the bullet train design came from.

#12. The cube-shaped cuts for dogs are the new trend.

#13. Paddy rice is the art of creating images by planting rice of different types in a certain order. Recently, it has become very popular in Japan.

#14. In Japan, expectations exceed reality.

#15. There is a hotel in Japan where the entire team is made up of robots.

#16. “I went to a police department in Tokyo to get directions to where I wanted to go and the policeman drew a detailed map to make sure I didn’t get lost.”

#17. Japan is the country of vending machines. They have just about everything from drinks to eggs to vegetables to surgical masks.

#18. This, for example, sells umbrellas.

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#19. In Japan, you can buy ice cream in custom cones.

#20.… Or colored potato chips.

#21. Level parking that saves space.

#22. There, kindness is the rule: this bus driver held his umbrella over people on a rainy day:

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