20 Images That Prove Human Engineering Has No Limits

Human ingenuity has brought us great historical advances.

Although the human species is capable of many heinous things, when we want to, we know how to be geniuses. Proof of this is the engineering behind the great technologies of the modern world. Have you ever seen a submarine “cut in half”, or how a bridge is built over a river?

We have prepared a list of 20 images that reveal that our engineering is a very complex thing and that it advances every day with innovation and knowledge that were previously only possible in the imagination.

#1. The cabin of the space shuttle.

#2. These wings can lift 640 tons off the ground.

#3. The commercial airplanes that you take vs an Antonov 225 cargo plane.

#4. A tunneling machine.

#5. Lamborghini Aventador without rear panels.

#6. Here are 1 million small screws.

#7. This is how the foundations for bridges over a river are made.

#8. Kaiser Darrin doors were unique.

#9. The longest wind turbine ever built in Cherbourg, France.

#10. The body of a 68AA2 tank subjected to heat treatment.

#11. This tractor is used to reach places that are not easily accessible to others.

#12. This is the inside of a submarine.

Without a doubt, human ingenuity will take us further in the future. Share this note if you also think we are geniuses.

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