Pregnant Orangutan Takes Refuge On Top Of The Last Tree As Bulldozers Destroy Its Forest

What is happening in the lush rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra is not often reported in the media, yet the massive deforestation situation currently occurring in the largest green lungs of our planet Earth is an issue that should attract attention. more attention.

Through the eyes of this orangutan, we have the opportunity to become more aware of the problem.


image credit: Facebook

At the center of this sad story, Boon-Mee , a pregnant orangutan who, frightened by the arrival of bulldozers in the Borneo rainforest, feared for her safety and that of her cub. One of the saddest consequences of palm oil plantations in the natural habitats of the regions of Indonesia.

But fortunately, this story has a happy ending . The plantation company was part of a natural habitat conservation group and immediately contacted International Animal Rescue ( IAR ) to care for Boon-Mee and her cub with the greatest possible respect.


image credit: Facebook

Eventually, IAR rescuers recovered Boon-Mee from the top of a precarious tree with the aid of a tranquilizer, rescued and immediately transported to a shelter where she managed to give birth to her long-awaited baby. IAR experts have estimated that in 2019, only 40,000 of these chimpanzees still exist on Earth, 20,000 fewer than in the last decade; a figure which is strongly linked to man-made palm oil plantations Palm oil is now among the most widely used ingredients in the use and consumption of food and cosmetic products.

A situation which must be taken more seriously by the competent authorities, and which we must prevent as soon as possible with all the means available. In this way, we will be able to protect this animal species from extinction.

source used: The Independent

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