This Portuguese Artist Manages To Create Incredible Optical Illusions From Concrete Blocks

Is there a bus in the warehouse or not? It is difficult to answer this question at first. The Portuguese artist of illusionism, Odeith , in fact only uses a block of concrete and a can of spray paint to create true optical illusions that elicit the admiration of the entire canvas. Man is not new to this kind of work; one only has to look at his Instagram page to understand what he is capable of.

#1. An old bus pulls out of a concrete block everything that has most in common.

The man immortalized step by step the steps necessary to reproduce the vehicle and posted them on social media, making his followers guess what he would create.

Three days after asking the question, he revealed the mystery: it was an old bus. Thanks to his shots, it was possible to understand the stages that led to the final result, such as the use of black spray paint to create the outlines and draw the points of convergence of the perspective lines. It may at first glance seem easy, but on the contrary it requires a lot of precision and skill ; it is no coincidence that Odeith is regarded as one of the best artists of visual illusionism in the world .

This is not the first time that this Street Art magician has dwelled on the means of transport. On his Instagram page , we find a beautiful old car whose base is a destroyed wall.

And it doesn’t stop there … let’s continue browsing the gallery !

#2. These two zebras playing together really give a new light to this dirty wall.

#3. With imagination to spare, two disused pylons can become the tractor of a truck.

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#4. And what about this bird that leans on these wooden beams?

#5. Same thing for this frog which almost gives the impression that it is about to jump on us!

#6. The perfect reproduction of those cars filled with graffiti that we see in all the stations!

#7. Here he is, ready to rail against the rooster that woke him up early this morning.

#8. What did this hyena see to make her so attentive?

What do you think ? Did you enjoy this leap into the world of illusionism ?

images: InstagramOdeith / Instagram

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