A Deep Pothole Opens In The Middle Of The Road And The City Does Not Repair It, The Inhabitants Plant A Tree In The Middle.

Potholes are a problem shared by many people worldwide. It is quite rare to drive on a perfect, smooth, and uneven road, even where you least expect it. The residents of Diamond Creek, a district of the Australian city of Melbourne, know this: For some time now, a pothole has opened up in the middle of the road and has become more and more annoying and dangerous.

After several reports to local authorities and requests to close the crack as soon as possible, the repair was slow to arrive, and people, therefore, decided to act, with a gesture as symbolic as it is singular. Their find quickly went around the world, and we don’t know if we should call it a brilliant idea or a little crazy action.


image credit: John James/Twitter

The pothole was there and had already created a lot of inconvenience for the inhabitants, including several damaged cars. Faced with the lack of reaction from local authorities, the residents of Diamond Creek decided to implement a DIY “plan”. So they planted a nice little tree right in the middle of the hole.

By sharing the photo of their work of “beautifying” and repairing the pothole, the people of this area quickly went viral, and the story jumped out in the eyes of all, even those who, until then, had not been reactive enough to ensure the repair.

Since this is a busy road, there was an urgent need to secure the pothole, and with this tree, people thought that at least motorists would notice something on the ground, to dodge to avoid finding yourself in dire situations.


image credit: John James/Twitter

The municipality and the various organizations responsible for repairing it have, for their part, continuously transferred the responsibility to others, which is why the pothole has continued to stay there and grow every day. On the issue of the tree, the authorities have remained silent.

Getting a quick fix “from above” can be time-consuming, which is why the citizens of the Australian Quarter have found a quirky, a little ingenious, and a little crazy way to get attention. And we are sure that, given the dissemination of the image, they have fully succeeded. All they have to do is wait…

What do you think ? Did they make the right choice or not?

Source used:

News 18

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