19 Photos Where It Looks Like Gravity Has Taken A Break

Everything around us is governed by precise physical laws, formulas, and mechanisms that ensure that the world is as we see it and that it “works” in a certain way. We may not even realize it, but we are surrounded day after day by thousands of phenomena, all with a very precise explanation.

But what happens when all of this is suddenly “disproved” by images that have the incredible power to block us from trying to better understand what we are watching? For example, have you ever witnessed scenes that seem to defy and contradict gravity? This is certainly what happened to the 19 people who couldn’t help but immortalize the moments we show below. Real situations that are out of the ordinary, in which everything seems to change, thanks to artifices of perspective. Are you ready to take a trip where stupor reigns supreme?

#1. What exactly is happening to this tree? Does he levitate?

image credit: Anthonyonio/reddit

#2. There is definitely something wrong with this scene.

image credit: IranianGenius2/reddit

#3. Confusing perspective and seemingly absent gravity!

image credit: reddit

#4. He’s at ease like this: it’s hard to say how he manages to keep his balance …

image credit: emigodmode/reddit

#5. When you start to see the vans hanging in the air, you understand that it is a strange day.

image credit: WeirdHat8/reddit

#6. An object that evokes many, many questions ….

image credit: adseipsum/reddit

#7. Hello! I defy gravity, see me?

image credit: Imgur

#8. However, this basket should not be in this position.

image credit: Imgur

#9. The sign has come to life: it’s floating!

image credit: ustang_/reddit

#10. My dog ​​may have had enough of the usual gravity and decided to “climb”

image credit: reddit

#11. Suspended in a vacuum? Probably not, just change the angle!

image credit: getlostlibtard/reddit

#12. A rather precarious house.

image credit: NotUniqueUsernameee/reddit

#13. Reflections and perspective sometimes seem to exceed the laws of physics!

image credit: reddit

#14. Anyway, the sauce decides that it has had enough and that it takes off.

image credit: reddit

#15. There is definitely something unsettling about my father’s eye drops from here.

image credit: reddit

#16. It’s hard to say how he manages to maintain his balance up there.

image credit: deceleven84/reddit

#17. Another day of ordinary weirdness.

image credit: Imgur

#18. Where exactly is this writing?

image credit: etFalco/reddit

#19. My dog ​​likes to rest in his own way.

image credit: Jake_Ilinnuc/reddit

Doesn’t it seem that in these images, normality has suddenly shifted?

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