13 Photos That Used The Right Angle To Create Unique Optical Illusions

To take a perfect photo, you have to be a great professional but to take one that is unique and original, you have to be able to be very smart, have an unusual creative vein, and know the right angle. This is precisely the angle that can unintentionally create truly incredible optical illusions! Here are some examples found on the web.

#1. The right angle and the game is done: it looks like a giant dog!

image credit: yat_san/reddit

#2. How to integrate into the surrounding landscape … to perfection!

image credit: dread3ddie/Reddit

#3. Don’t you have the impression that this building is sinking?

image credit: Kornsneak / reddit

#4. Don’t worry, the rest of the body is behind it too!

image credit: sixfeetunder98/reddit

#5. An unexpected hello from two pigeons!

image credit: ramibhs/reddit

#6. A truly amazing perspective effect!

image credit: Writ_genius/reddit

#7. Doesn’t he look like a … stuffed animal? OO

image credit: Jeenyus6/reddit

#8. Have we just seen a goat run away with a sack with a donkey?

image credit: KickMurderSquad/Reddit

#9. Yes gnomes exist!

image credit: jaykirsch/reddit

#10. The back of this road sign seems to harmonize perfectly with the color of the sky

image credit: BunnyAdorbs / Reddit

#11. Take a picture of your cat at the perfect time!

image credit: Lazy_hardworker/Reddit

#12. The distorted perspective of the windshield makes this grasshopper … quite big!

image credit: likesocksonarooster / Reddit

#13. Doesn’t the dog look like a giant?

image credit: True-Source/Reddit

So, have you convinced yourself to become a photography magician through the “right” angle?

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