20 Photos That Tell The Inexorable Passage Of Time Better Than A School Book

Do you know what re-photography is? This art form is a more or less modern practice that tries to capture, through the photographic lens, glimpses, places that were crystallized in the past and that are now re-offered. A fascinating “before and after” operation that tells better than a history book how everyday life and society change with the inexorable passage of time. Here are 20 particularly fascinating examples.

#1. How were the trenches dug in WWI, and what they look like now.

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#2. 20 years of difference in the city of Moscow.

image credit: Tfue2/Reddit

#3. The devastation of World War II in the city of Hiroshima and its well-deserved rebirth.

image credit: wdsoi/Reddit

#4. My grandpa up in Tokyo, me down in the same place 73 years apart.

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#5. The Arctic Circle over 100 years ago … and today.

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#6. The archaeological site of Chichen Itza at the end of the 19th century and today.

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#7. In the 1920s it was Hollywoodland, now it’s just … Hollywood!.

image: TodgerNodger/Reddit

#8. The island of Urk in the Netherlands in 1930 and today, in 2020.

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#8. Singapore in 2000, compared to today’s megalopolis!

image credit: unknown/Reddit

#9. Although it’s been over 70 years, it doesn’t seem like a lot has changed in my hometown street.

image credit: Unknown/Reddit

#10. Oxford in 1810 and the British city in 2015: that hasn’t changed much!

image credit: theredrover2/Reddit

#11. A glimpse of Kabul in 1967, and today devastated by the passage of the Taliban.

image credit: KyserSoze94/Reddit

#12. A racing circuit in Charlotte, USA decades ago … and what it looks like today!

image credit: dominicmannphoto/Reddit

#13. My mother in 1991 and I in 2017: same place, same pose: Schönbrunn Palace near Vienna

image: benjamin-he/Reddit

#14. Nuremberg in very dark times for history … and today

image credit: KLeekz/Reddit

#15. 25 years apart, same place: my father and I in front of the Taj Mahal!

image credit: aradhya23 / Reddit

#16. Before there were only endless campaigns, now we can talk to our neighbors

image credit: FrostedKrispie/Reddit

#17. The city of Dresden during WWII … and today

image credit: SirAlex/Reddit

#18. The hallway of my primary school: from the 1970s to today!

image credit: Xepa / Reddit

#19. North Chicago was once completely rural, now urbanization has taken off!

image credit: jay_m/Reddit

Time flies inexorably, doesn’t it?

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