10 Photos That Perfectly Summarize The Strangest Behaviors Of Our Cats

Although we may think that today it is possible to know almost everything and to give an explanation more or less to everything around us, there are still some unresolved questions. One of them certainly concerns the oddities in which our cats can be the actors.

If you think that’s overkill, maybe you’ve never had a cat like the people who took these photos. House cats who have been caught in the most absurd positions and behaviors, so much so that their human friends end up wondering if they have something wrong. The answer is probably no: all cats have certain characteristics that make them a little “crazy” and incomprehensible to us. Indolence, curiosity, or uneasiness? Difficult to say. in the meantime, we can only admire them!

#1. Has anyone ever seen their cat sit like this? Mine still does!

image credit: yungkrueger/reddit

#2. His “trophies” that he brings to me with pride and satisfaction are not mice, but packets of bread …

image credit: reddit

#3. While I pick up her furballs from the floor, she jumps onto my back and gives this look … very disturbing!

image credit: bubblybeep/reddit

#4. To wonder if there is something wrong with him …

image credit: reddit

#5. Maybe his desire is to be a contortionist cat …

image credit: reddit

#6. Seeing him there, with that expression on his face, is both scary and funny …

image credit: TheMightyWill/reddit

#7. My friend can’t explain why he’s doing this: he just says it’s “weird”

image credit: I_Only_Look_Irish/reddit

#8. No special effects: it’s really my cat lying in all its extension

image credit: solid_static/reddit

#9. For my mother’s cat, getting into this position is completely normal. She even seems bored when approached

image credit: shade-tree_pilot/reddit

#10. The mythical fatigue of felines!

image credit: Kimmsrevenge/reddit

#11. An impressive cat … acrobat!

image credit: jasontaken/reddit

Have you ever witnessed strange behavior from your feline friends?

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