13 “Perfect” Photos That Did Not Need To Be Edited.When Reality Is Beyond Imagination

These days, photo editing programs like Photoshop can really work “miracles” with some shots. Yet nature and reality often manage to be perfect just as they are. It is not necessary to embellish and make the whole thing more captivating, because the everyday life of certain events and their “perfection” still manages to amaze us every day. Stop filters and photo editing programs: reality is beyond imagination, most of the time!

#1. Photoshop? No, that’s what happens after an hour of sanding wood

image credit: spicymemes123 / Reddit

#2. “It was exactly as it was written on the bag of seeds when I planted them: red sunflowers!”

image credit: chiquitatarita / Reddit

#3. A 2D gecko: front and side view

image credit: _qt314bot / Reddit

#4. The colors of this spider are amazingly perfect!

image credit: MetiHB / Reddit

#5. You always get such results when working with wood … the arm looks all cracked, but it’s wood dust!

image credit: Kittenmeistere / Reddit

#6. At this point, two different currents have met

image credit: hossious / Reddit

#7. “A striking phenomenon that I was able to capture at Yosemite Falls”

#8. A river covered with cherry petals …

image credit: Reddit / _Kumiho_

#9. A perfectly round stone, found on the beach

image credit: Reddit / retroly

#10. We need balance above all

image credit: Reddit / /DJ-Long

#11. Perfection in a little snowflake

image credit: Reddit / AboveTheSkies

#12. The symmetry of these flowers is amazing

image credit: Imgur

#13. Here is the snow sliding like a blanket …

image credit: Reddit / SirRealist

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