How Time Flies, 17 Photos That Compare The Present And The Past.

Something inescapable is the constant and inexorable passage of time, there is nothing we can do to avoid it. One thing, however, that can stop the flow of time is the camera, because photos can crystallize the moment, make it eternal. If you want to dive back into a past moment, just take a photo: it’s the key to unlocking memories, to relive moments of happiness. Some, upon seeing these photos, try to recreate them to see how they have changed over the years.

Here are 17 photos comparing the present and the past.

1. The image of three cousins ​​15 years apart

These three cousins ​​have shown that the affection does not change, but judging by the photos, the character either, they seem to have remained the same.

2. “Wow! It’s been a long boat trip!”

Although she has grown up, her passion for the sea and boating has not changed. His dream has always been to drive a boat.

3. “25 years ago and now”

The Christmas photo is a tradition that must be respected, they have chosen to always use the same pose. The girls have grown up, but the “training” has not changed: always hugging their mother.

4. “Together with my children after five years”.

A father will always be a point of reference for his children. This photo is perhaps a metaphor for how he will always be their mainstay.

5. “72 years apart. Same house. Same wife. Same motorcycle.”

Time has passed, but apparently the passion for this motorcycle has always remained very strong in her.

6. In 30 years it has changed slightly, but the style is still the same.

“Me in my parents’ garden less than a year after we moved in and me almost 30 years later when they sold the house.”

7. “Me and my mom with the same hairstyle!”

They look a lot alike, but what makes them unique is their hair.

8. “How my best friend and I have changed in 20 years.”

The looks have changed but not the affection and friendship between them. Maybe they will be friends forever.

9. The love between a brother and a sister

When my little brother was born, compared to now. Thirteen years have passed.” Although he has grown, she still has him on her lap.

10. “The years pass but not the passions”.

Supermario is one of the most popular games in the world, we cannot not know it or not be attached to it.

11. Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, they have a tradition of going fishing together to practice their hobby. A father never stops teaching his children anything.

12. The mother has not changed but the daughters have: they are two sisters who are 3 years apart

This mother on the left photo is with her eldest daughter and on the right with her youngest. The outfit is the same.

13. The comparison between mother and daughter at 3 years old

Mother and daughter on their third birthday, wearing the same dress. They look like the same person.

14. Comparison of mother’s graduation date and daughter’s graduation date

“I cling to my daughter at my graduation. I still cling to her at hers.” The girl tried to replicate the same expression she had as a child.

15. “Me and My Brothers”

The classic photo taken between brothers. The youngest struggled to return to his crib.

16. After 17 years they tried to replicate the wedding photo

“We celebrated 17 years of marriage, so we decided to try to recreate what we think is the most beautiful photo of our wedding”.

17. They recreated the photo from when they were little

My cousins ​​and I recreated our photos 16 years later”.

And you, have you ever tried to recreate poses taken in past photos or made comparisons between older and newer photos?

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