15 Photos Show Us How Funny And Adorably Goofy Boxers Can Be

All dogs, whether purebred or not, have an extremely funny side to them. Boxers, however, seem to outdo all of their four-legged friends. They originate from Germany where, around 1870, dog lovers in Munich attempted a cross between the Bullenbeisser and the English bulldog. Many of them are watchdogs or even used by the police thanks to their size, strong bones, and agility. But they’re not just lean, athletic, intelligent, affectionate, and protective dogs – with their flattened muzzle, postures, and poses, they show us that they can be incredibly funny and playful. 15 masters immortalized their boxers in bizarre poses and attitudes, showing us that these dogs, even when they get older, are destined to always remain great puppies.

#1. Very close.

image credit: sgemma/reddit

The puppy, over the months, has kept the same habits.

#2. Bath time.

image credit: emily0097/reddit

#3. The neighbor’s dog.

image credit: 1337Scott/reddit

The neighbor’s dog comes to the back door and looks for his playmate.

#4. An unhappy head.

image credit: hawk_queen/reddit

Doesn’t he like to travel by car or is he afraid of being taken to the vet?

#5. Happy in the midst of nature.

image credit: imgur

This dog loves to be in the field of daisies.

#6. What are they looking at with these heads?

image credit: gatorbaker79/reddit

#7. Distinguished posture.

image credit: susie2014susie/reddit

The dog loves this sofa and every time he likes to find a new pose to sit down.

#8. Do we get into the car like that?

image credit: imgur

The look of someone who knows he’s guilty.

#9. He doesn’t leave him alone for a second.

image credit: RickyMEME/reddit

This man has just learned to use the front camera. Now is the perfect time for a family selfie.

#10. What is he doing?

image credit: homeboundcobra/imgur

#11. He looks at the little fish.

image credit: imgur

#12. The owners.

image credit: Bapps12/reddit

Someone ran to the dog handlers to let them know they were on the roof. At first, the master thought the man was joking, but he did find them that way.

#13. He wants to be hugged like a baby.

image credit: sgemma/imgur

#14. Curious dogs.

image credit: JaimeCephas/reddit

#15. Why are boxers so funny?

image credit: GunGeekATX/reddit

Each dog has its own characteristics and boxers, although they seem to be calm and elegant dogs, can give us these funny moments. What strange habit does your dog have?

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