These Mechanics Posted Photos Of The Most Disastrous Cars Customers Brought To A Garage

The mechanics are real “doctors” for the cars they repair. Think about it for a moment: our cars are such complex and often essential objects to our journeys that the risk of them breaking down is very high. However, not everyone knows in time if something is wrong, or if, through negligence, lack of time or money, we decide to leave everything as it is, even if our car slowly breaks down.

If you have recognized yourself in these kinds of people, know that you are in good company and that often the mechanics, when they see your cars with the most incredible faults, do not even know where to start to fix them … All the repairers who have shared the photos that we are going to show you know this well. What are we talking about? Cars in poor condition, with absurd problems, which the mechanics have welcomed in their garages. Take a good look at them: you might want to have your car checked after that!

#1. The customer complained about water leaks in his car: maybe it was better to fix them sooner rather than this way

image credit: polskiguy30/reddit

#2. “The turn signal lever does not work” … maybe it is because of the gadget that was hanging around?

image credit: reddit

#3. This mechanic left some rags in the engine compartment after doing the repair. Now he has to replace everything

#4. I finally found my clamp: it had been there for 3 months when I repaired this car for the last time.

image credit: carlkillzpeople/reddit

#5. We wonder how it didn’t explode on the road …

image credit: opharfish / reddit

#6. It must be a particularly strong wood to be able to penetrate the rubber in this way!

image credit: Nihildeacon/reddit

#7. I work in a car rental company and the police brought this car back …

image credit: maddogg312/reddit

#9. Hearing strange noises coming from the engine, the mechanic found … this

image credit: Lotus496/reddit

#10. Another rental car came back: the client said he was going to miss his plane and had to hurry …

image credit: reddit

#11. The temperature gauge decided to turn to the fuel gauge!

image credit: Whyarentyoumadbro/reddit

#12. They gave me this car to repair: “The accelerator pedal remains pressed, pull the cable to release it”

image credit: Imgur

#13. A customer left me his car to repair, but he forgot to tell me that it was not empty … that scared me very much!

image credit: SquareTheM/reddit

#14. Impossible to change his tires: I have never seen one in these conditions!

image credit: BooteIs/reddit

#15. It’s amazing how nature can sometimes be terminated!

image credit: humboldtliving/reddit

#16. “The car makes a different noise”: yes, they stole a piece of the exhaust!

image credit: tonyxwing74/reddit

#17. And yet the owner of the car insisted that his tires are still capable of running …

image credit: MagmaPillow / reddit

#18. How can you reduce your brakes in this way?

image credit: reddit

#19. Customer claims rear brakes make a sound similar to Dory’s in “Finding Nemo” when she talks to whales … “

image credit: msupczenski/reddit

#20. It’s time for a good repair, don’t you think?

image credit: NorthStarSon/reddit

Have you ever been this far with your cars before taking them to the mechanic?

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