17 Photos Of Rare And Fascinating Things You’ve Probably Never Seen Before And Won’t See Often

We are surrounded by interesting and fascinating things, but we don’t have the chance to see them often. Perhaps it is because we are so focused on the day to day aspects of life that we do not notice what is rare around us. Or maybe it’s because we just haven’t been so lucky. Sometimes it is enough to stop for a moment to look at the grass, to walk on the beach or in the woods to discover some rare wonders that nature or history has left us. Look at these images and let your mind wander past these places and those moments that someone has managed to immortalize.

#1. These tulips have grown strong and colorful and are blooming despite being in the snow.

image credit: starstufft/reddit

#2. We often see colorful butterflies, but have you ever seen a butterfly with transparent wings and black outlines?

image credit: neighma/reddit

#3. A man who works in recycling found a diary from 1941, but the rarest things to see are inside.

image credit: jordantoner/imgur

#4. This little bird looks like a pine cone: shape, color and details are the same. A pine cone with wings and a beak.

image credit: negativereply3211/reddit

#5. While walking on the beach in Hawaii, this man came across a glass ball that has become the home of a marine ecosystem.

image credit: tio76/reddit

#6. This man found this nocturnal maned rat in his garden: it is a very rare species and it looks like a huge hamster.

image credit: mobileexpeditions/instagram

#7. We often see rainbows, but how many of you have seen the very spot where they begin?

image credit: shurik177 / pikabu

#8. A bottle was found on a beach with a small garden inside: if you look closely you will notice a four leaf clover. Will it bring luck?

image credit: erixashes/reddit

#9. Sometimes we notice magic in the leaves and their shapes. But have you ever seen a completely transparent sheet?

image credit: cusackjeff/reddit

#10. The man noticed an abnormal clover in the garden, with 7 leaves: if a 4 leaf clover brings good luck, what are its powers?

image credit: jnaker0024/reddit

#11. Spiders are capable of weaving beautiful and geometric webs, but who knows for whom such a web is intended.

image credit: mizkovi/reddit

#12. It’s a really tiny frog and one room looks huge in comparison: is it a newborn or a rare species? It is surely this second option.

image credit: look_a_lurker/reddit

#13. How many oddities and wonders lie in the sea! One of them was immortalized: a transparent fish.

image credit: subtle_omega/reddit

#14. A hen has laid an unusual egg!

image credit: chickenwrangler45/reddit

#15. If the sunflowers are already imposing and majestic, this one is a real beacon in the night. How big do you think it is?

image credit: veryfastdoggo/reddit

#16. This musical typewriter gives us a glimpse into how music was created before the advent of the computer.

image credit: mass1m01973/reddit

#17. This flower of unusual shape seems to have incorporated many daisies: it is not recommended to do “he loves me, he loves me not” with a daisy like this!

image credit: superblowball/reddit

We have seen, in these photos, some of the wonders that nature and history have given us. Which photo do you think best represents the concept of “rarity”? Have you ever seen something similar?

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