15 Photos Of Houses That Immediately Make Us Want To Move

Often, the order of a house different from ours arouses a little envy in us. In these houses that we are going to see in this gallery, we have the real feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world. We are like in a bubble, in our lair, protected against adversities. An idea of ​​comfort and solitude that relieves our thoughts and allows us to regain our need for privacy. You can also use some ideas to improve your home and seek out the same feelings that you have looking at these rooms … or you can just imagine yourself living in these places.

#1. A beautiful window clock. Here we do not ask the question of the positioning of the wall clock!

image credit: Reddit

#2. The interior of this house by a Saudi architect. It transports us to other places by plunging us into the heart of Arab culture.

image credit: Reddit

#3. The library at the University of Washington, Seattle. Looks like a scene from Harry Potter.

image credit: Reddit

#4. Has anyone mentioned claustrophobia? Isn’t that a bit narrow for a swimming pool?

image credit: Reddit

#5. Vietnamese style bedroom. The oriental lines and this great variety of plants make the environment very relaxing and cozy.

image credit: Reddit

#6. This room with a view of the mountains. Hopefully at the time of bathing, a bear does not pass.

image credit: Reddit

#7. New York open style loft. Very warm and comfortable, a beautiful wooden floor that contrasts with the greenery outside.

image credit: Reddit

#8. A style that comes from the future. It plunges us into a classic sci-fi movie atmosphere, with those beautiful, slender waves.

image credit: home-designing

#9. Always in the future … Spaceship or living room? It looks like the command post of a ship bound for a distant planet.

image credit: home designing

#10. Minimalism is the watchword, there is only the essential.

image credit: Igor Sirotov

#11. Luxurious but also modern. A little decadent, with those lights going down.

image credit: Reddit

#12. A style inspired by the mid-twentieth century. It’s like walking into a living room from about seventy years ago, in the middle of the countryside.

image credit: Brabbu

#13. A winter dream. Who would want to be there and forget all their problems?

image credit: Reddit

#14. For lovers of wooden style. A small space to take care of.

image credit: archdaily

#15. This splendid Capri penthouse immerses us in a marine atmosphere. You can feel the breeze off the cliffs here.

image credit: Reddit

We hope that these ideas have inspired you a little and that the desire for change brings something new for this difficult time. 

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