15 Photos Of Dogs Who Don’t Realize They’re A Little Bulky

Having a pet is a big commitment that goes beyond the simple act of feeding it. It is taking care of it, giving it attention and time, playing with it, loving it, and supporting it even if it is losing its hair or if it makes a mess at home. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who love animals so much that they treat them like real children. It does not matter whether they have long or short hair, a small or large size, green or yellow eyes: the love of the owner for his animal goes beyond these simple physical characteristics. The owners of these 15 dogs love them unconditionally, although their furry friends may not even be aware that they are quite bulky.

#1. The dog just wanted to keep his owner company on the sofa. And we lost the latter!

image credit: Softmute/reddit

#2. Something caught his eye. But not to the point of leaving the comfortable legs of his mother!

image credit: RominaBambina/imgur

#3. A health check for this giant dog with soft eyes. Do you think the vet was intimidated by its size?

image credit: chvatlantia/instagram

#4. Why fill the house with stuffed animals when there is a very sweet Alaskan Malamute always ready to be hugged?

image credit: alaskanmalamute/reddit

#5. This dog just wanted a hug from his owner, who patiently supports the weight of her little puppy.

image credit: EllisHazzard/imgur

#6. With that dreamy and attentive gaze, he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s the double of the mistress in the background.

image credit: hank_the_service_dog/instagram

#7. For giant dogs in constant search of attention, very often a single bed is not enough!

image credit: kakianyx/reddit

#8. The little dog on the back is a little puzzled: he doesn’t understand why on the mistress’s legs there must be the big brother.

image credit: dwimback/reddit

#9. For a dog of this size, are two bowls enough to fill him up? They will hardly be enough for a quick snack.

image credit: stellathedanandgeorge/instagram

#10. This dog doesn’t really realize that he is not only taller than his master, but also the chair.

image credit: thebeardedcannuck/reddit

#11. He also wants to be comfortable. Why get down on the floor when there is a master on the couch ready to support his weight?

image credit: homebrewer33/imgur

#12. The proud look of someone who knows that the masters would do anything to see him happy, even to give up their sofa.

image credit: rocco_and_piccolina / instagram

#13. Despite the berths, the mother remains the most comfortable cushion. The smile of the mistress surely hides some discomfort in the legs.

image credit: primeintellect/reddit

#14. We don’t want someone to meet him on the street, although at first glance you can guess: he’s the baby of the family.

image credit: absoluteunits/reddit

#15. On the masters’ legs, we are really comfortable, eh? This dog seems to be saying “just a few hugs and then I get off, I promise”.

image credit: kingpre/imgur

It does not matter the size of the dogs: they will always be treated like the little ones in the family. Do you agree?

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