16 Photos Of Animals On Public Transport That Look Much Better Behaved Than A Lot Of Humans

Taking public transport regularly is a unique daily experience. It often happens to meet people who look weird or who, unfortunately, do not realize that they are on public transport there are those who shout, those who speak too loud on the phone, and those who disturb the tranquility of other users. Many owners decide to take their pets with them, whether or not they are pets, hoping that they behave well. From this photo gallery, we have chosen 16 photos of animals that behaved in an incredibly polite manner in public transport: they rested, slept peacefully, looked at other passengers with smiling eyes, and – in some cases – even gave them a big, sweet smile.

#1. This is his first train trip.

image credit: mayaxs/reddit

She was scared first, then she was brave and wise throughout the journey.

#2. Where is the master?

image credit: GallowBoob/reddit

The little dog with alert ears took the midnight subway: where is he going?

#3. Even on a plane.

image credit: SucculentGravy/imgur

He positioned himself quietly in his seat, ready to take off. Then he turned his head to the passenger behind him to make friends.

#4. Backpack.

image credit: goldenretrievers/imgur

He too wants to greet all the passengers with his happy and calm gaze.

#5. A friendly face suddenly appeared.

image credit: DarkXXShadowXX/reddit

#6. Ready to admire the scenery.

image credit: ozgurnevres/reddit

Even cats travel by plane, and he stood up to admire the scenery better from the window.

#7. Someone is sleepy

image credit: imgur

The dog and the owner share the time of the trip and the time of the nap: both wait to arrive at their destination.

#8. A nap on the ferry.

image credit: Ssssgatk/reddit

This dog also takes advantage of the trip, this time on the ferry, to rest a little without disturbing anyone.

#9. He even sat down.

image credit: boredwatermelon/reddit

Despite his rather bulky size, this dog decided to wait until the arrival at his station by sitting down like everyone else.

#10. Happy to travel.

image credit: librolass/reddit

This little dog, named Panda, smiled at passengers throughout the trip.

#11. He seems to be saying: “Mom, look how good I am”.

image credit: a_patientwolf/reddit

#12. Even rabbits can travel by train.

image credit: ConBupintheclub/reddit

#13. What better time to take a nap?

image credit: mepper/reddit

It even has its own little pillow.

#14. He seems intrigued by the cell phone.

image credit: jimmy_bones/reddit

#15. Have you ever seen a piglet on a stroller?

image credit: st1nkf1st/reddit

#16. In the arms of the master.

image credit: RealRider/reddit

There are those who are afraid to bring their animals in transport: on the one hand, the fear that they themselves are afraid and on the other hand that they may frighten or annoy the passengers. Some people carry them on a bunk, others on a leash, and still others hold them in their arms to calm them down and watch them. Have you ever traveled with your pet? How did he behave?

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