Dangerous Games: 15 Photos From The Past Show Us How The Parks Of Yesteryear Were Anything But Safe.

When smartphones didn’t exist yet, television wasn’t for everyone, and people didn’t even know what a video game was, for most children the fun was concentrated in the park, in public or school playgrounds, or in any case outside home.

This is where we would play and meet, and this is where a lot of things, over the years, have passed from night today. What are we talking about? Simple: the way in which entertainment venues for children have evolved over the past decades. Indeed, anyone who grew up in the last century can only see how certain hobbies and structures, once considered to be completely harmless, would no longer be acceptable today. Ferrous elements, excessive heights, dangerous games: perhaps not everything was a risk for the children of the time, but we must admit that by looking at the photos below, we wonder how they could have managed. come out safe and sound! Ready for a step back in time?

#1. The safety of playgrounds, this unknown.

image credit: reddit

On this scaffolding, the children literally flew …

#2. Not very reassuring, is it?

image credit: Nels Olsen/Flickr

Yet it was a very common game! Today, he would certainly not be well regarded.

#3. This structure – strictly in iron – does not inspire confidence

image credit: Person2201/reddit

#4. We wonder how they got out of it unscathed

image credit: RitaRudzinsky/reddit

In the past, these play structures were quite normal

#5. Vertiginous slides, maybe too much?

image credit: DonZenova/reddit

#6. Less thought was given to the potential dangers to children playing …

image credit: Stropi-wan/reddit

#7. To be trapped inside!

image credit: Person2201/reddit

#8. A strange game, which does not inspire much confidence at first glance …

image credit: OG-D / reddit

“I saw it in an old playground – wrote the surfer who shared the photo – and I had never seen anything like it.”

#9. A playground that was completely normal

image credit: Wang_Dong/reddit

Beyond any exaggeration, we must admit that it looks really dangerous!

#10. Very high stairs, and all dedicated to children!

image credit: Luth Luther/Youtube

#11. Metal steps, perfect for a good slide!

image credit: Jenipherocious/reddit

#12. Would you let your children use them?

image credit: Hollywood Haulers/Facebook

#13. Maybe this ladder is a little too high and steep?

image credit: Person2201/reddit

And yet, many children who played with it survived unscathed!

#14. A merry-go-round that inspires very little confidence!

image credit: Person2201/reddit

#15. Rather scary, don’t you think?

image credit: Sgreenarch/reddit

Do you remember those games? Looking at them again, would you bring your kids up to it today?

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