24 Photographs Showing How Nature Always Manages To Defeat Human Engineering

We are living at a time in our history when we risk losing much of the green lung that our planet needs to survive; the Amazon rainforest (and others) are burning and, with them, part of our ecosystem. Preserving and safeguarding all that Mother Nature has created for us and for herself is of paramount importance, especially as Mother Nature, despite our ingenuity, will always find a way to get back on top. This magnificent image gallery is proof of that!

#1. A miniature tree on the edge of a sidewalk

image credit: Yummydain / reddit

#2. A little poetry even in the most improbable corners

#3. A “pavement” of green

image: duce95 / reddit

#4. Nature also knows how to create improbable works of art

image credit: im_lonely0 / reddit

#5. A house completely dominated by nature

#6. The power of Mother Nature against the passing of time …

image credit: j.t.mullinix / instagram

#7. Look at these roots where they come from!

image credit: Plantsplantsplants2 / reddit

#8.These trees were literally wrapped in spider webs!

image: DFID – UK Department for International Development / Flickr

image credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development / Flickr

#9. A bonsai of size … important!

image credit: hakunamatataMufasa / reddit

#10. Where there is Death, there is also Life …

image credit: Arco_Sonata / reddit

#11. And don’t forget to take a look at this Instagram gallery where green won the battle against humans with poetry and magnificence:

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A gallery of natural images 

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