Photographer Managed To Capture All The Beauty Of A Particular Type Of Fox With Black And Red Fur.

The cross fox  ( cross fox ) is a special type of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) typical of North America and northern Eurasia. It is a partially melanistic species, because its fur is black but also red, the typical color of European foxes. Sam Gaby spent 8 weeks in Canada, in a small Newfoundland town, Twillingate, photographing beautiful individuals of foxes every day. The young man spent so much time in their company that the foxes seemed to trust him: all the animals photographed seem extremely relaxed and at ease in front of the camera.


image credit: Sam Gaby

The cross fox is a relatively common species in North America and represents about 30% of red fox species in Canada. Gaby witnessed their presence during her stay in Twillingate. The young man, officially an economist and consultant but passionate about photography since his childhood, has managed to document the lives of these foxes and the environment in which they live, without disturbing them in the least. 


image credit: Sam Gaby

Gaby gradually succeeded in establishing a bond of trust with the foxes, taking refuge in the same place every day; after a while, he came to “call” the foxes. These beautiful animals came out of the bushes after hearing his call. Despite this mutual trust, Gaby never tried to stroke one, despite the temptation.


image credit: Sam Gaby

Foxes are extremely intelligent and curious – Gaby has seen these traits for himself. The man saw them hiding food in underground holes, but also searching for food underground. Residents told Gaby that there used to be a farm that produced fox furs in the area, but after the fur prices fell, the owner had to shut down the business and release the foxes.


image credit: Sam Gaby

Gaby tries to save money to travel and visit these type of small communities at least twice a year. These are places where labor and primary resources are scarce and where tourism is one of the few sources of income that can be relied on.

The gaze of a predator whose cunning is unmatched …


image credit: Sam Gaby


image credit: Sam Gaby


image credit: Sam Gaby


image credit: Sam Gaby


image credit: Sam Gaby

To see more photos of Gaby, you can visit her Instagram page . 

source used: Instagram / S. Gaby

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