Photographer Captures The Exact Moment A Whale Catches A Boat Emerging From The Water.

In the right place at the right time. Anyone who is passionate about photography, or working in a professional capacity, knows how important it is for this to happen. Eric J. Smith, the photographer who brought the world some of the most incredible nature photos there is, knows it too.

In his photos, the landscapes, the colors, the enchanting places but also, and above all, the animals come together in a unique way. Truly lucky and fascinating images, in which a whale gave a sudden and spectacular surprise to a group of people who were on a boat, in search of cetacean sightings.


We are in Mexico, more precisely in the lagoon of San Ignacio, in the south of Baja California. It is a famous place for whale watching: from December to April, you can often see gray whales there, thanks to the calm waters and the reduced human presence.

One of them, presumably a mother, therefore saw fit to take a look above the water level, as did a group of observers who had absolutely no idea what was going on. was happening behind them.

A few inches from the boat, the animal suddenly emerged, and Eric Smith wasted no time in capturing the scene. Capturing the moment is both a matter of luck and – above all – a fundamental skill for a photographer.


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“I was in the lagoon photographing the migrating gray whales,” Smith said, “and the possibility of having such close contact with these extraordinarily intelligent and friendly creatures was something I had never experienced.”

“In this photo,” the photographer continues, “a boat with a few people was approached by a mother whale and her calf. First the baby appeared, near the bow, then the mother emerged, at the stern, silently raising head to look around. “


“It’s rare for happy coincidences like this to happen,” he said, “but I try to put myself in places where these are likely to happen, making sure I always have a good device. photo with me , because you never know when you’re going to see something amazing.

And it is this ability to observe the world around him and to capture every important image that made Eric famous for these photos. One thing is certain: with their unique and spectacular charm, whales will never cease to amaze us, and the photos of this knowledgeable professional are proof of that.

Are they not wonderful?

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