15 People Photographed Wonders Of Nature Capable Of Surprising Us For Their Rarity

Very often we are stuck in the circle of everyday life and monotony, where nothing seems to surprise us. We forget the wonders around us, we just have to open our eyes and let what surrounds us surprise us. It is enough to walk in the woods, to look out the window, to leaf through some photos, to arm yourself with comfortable shoes to go and see what nature hides and gives us. You don’t always have to go far, beauties are often just one step away. These people have managed to let their guard down and admire nature: beautiful, amazing, and magical like never before.

#1. The snow has melted but left these footprints. How did they stay intact?

image credit: GiggglingPixie/reddit

#2. This yellow turtle is one of the particularly rare species of softshell turtle. Have you ever seen a turtle like this?

image credit: deva_iitkgp/twitter

#3. This car is in the middle of a very large ice cap: it looks like a mirror placed horizontally.

image credit: bencelot/reddit

#4. Rainbow clouds are very rare and this one was photographed in India: nature never ceases to amaze us.

image credit: readingislove/reddit

#5. Nature has created this tunnel in a railway: it turns green in summer and, over the seasons, it always takes on new colors.

image credit: rrrudya/instagram

#6. A slice of pizza comes out of the rock. It is not edible, but it is an example of what nature is able to create.

image credit: charliewarner01/reddit

#7. When the snow melted in the sun, it formed small snowy pine trees on the car. Too handsome !

image credit: milk_cat/reddit

#8. This photo shows the bioluminescence caused by rain hitting an algae buildup in a lagoon.

image credit: davey_rogers/instagram

#9. Even vegetables can become extremely fascinating, as in the case of this double spiral cabbage.

image credit: takemetotheplaya / reddit

#10. This photographer managed to immortalize an iceberg in its entirety. It’s not every day that you see something like this.

image credit: timlaman/instagram

#11. This person was fortunate enough to observe with his own eyes a petunia that seems to mimic a galaxy.

image credit: shady_robot/reddit

#12. It is one of the smallest maple leaves ever. It would have gone unnoticed among the others, but here we can admire it in all its splendor.

image credit: bukunothing/reddit

#13. This trunk looks like two small trunks twisted together: one of the many wonders of nature.

image credit: roccobarocco/reddit

#14. On the ground, you can see the shades of color of the grass coming out of each tile: a real rainbow.

image credit: littlewrenbird/reddit

#15. Inside the trunk of this tree there seems to be another trunk: it is really rare to see something like this.

image credit: sachikox/reddit

These unexpected photos show that when we least expect it, we can really be surprised by our surroundings. Have you ever come across natural wonders? Tell us in the comments in which.

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