A Talented Photographer Managed To Immortalize A White Lion In All Its Glory

If we look at major film productions, especially fantasy and animated films, we see that the lion is among the most represented and loved animals. It inspires fear and respect, and at the same time, it symbolizes various qualities, such as courage and determination: few other animals manage to have the evocative and magnetic power of this big feline.

It was also because of this cultural background that when British photographer Simon Needham caught the eye of the lion Moya at the Glen Garriff Conservation shrine , he was literally captivated, to the point of then devoting his energies to portraying its greatness. . The resulting photos, which have become famous all over the world, are a unique spectacle that is not just for animal lovers.


image credit: Simon Needham

The Moya lion has the particularity of being completely white: a very rare genetic mutation that gives it an even more dreamlike appearance.


image credit: Simon Needham

Simon Needham said it was not easy to immortalize him: he had to wait until he approached and put himself in enchanting poses.


image credit: Simon Needham

The majestic Moya is a six year old male who lives in South Africa, in the Big Cat Sanctuary of the Glen Garriff Conservation.


image credit: Simon Needham

The lucky and talented photographer admitted, “I love all animals, but Moya’s amazing fur really captivated me at first sight.”


image credit: Simon Needham

Thanks to these spectacular shots, Moya became a small celebrity : many people all over the world were captivated by her almost unreal fur.

Congratulations to the photographer … and to Mother Nature’s imagination!

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