15 Photo Comparisons Show Real And Unexpected Sizes Of Objects And Animals

The dimensions have a particularity: they are hardly perceived as they are in reality. When we think of the size of a bear, a boat, or an airplane, it is difficult for us to imagine, by our imagination, their real size. And, probably, it happens because we are trying to imagine something that we have never seen. It is different when, on the other hand, these objects or animals of enormous (or microscopic) dimensions are compared to objects of greater or lesser size. We have selected a few pictures that will help you understand the actual sizes of animals and objects and we bet in many cases you will be amazed.

#1. This ship looks huge compared to the rest of the city. How are they going to move it?

image credit: reddit

#2. He looked like a full-sized snail, but in just one year he grew to this size. Hopefully it will stop growing!

image credit: mossydeerbones/reddit

#3. On the left, a triceratops bone and on the right, an elephant bone: the woman is lying down so that we can imagine their size.

image credit: astroboys/imgur

#4. This is not an ordinary excavator: its dimensions are significantly larger. How to pilot such a tool?

image credit: auric79/imgur

#5. Her aunt used to grow zucchini, but one of them almost got too big for her. Have you ever seen a zucchini like this?

image credit: acidandcookies / reddit

#6. He was a puppy, now he’s grown out of proportion: he’s definitely taller than his mistress.

image credit: quana cumbersnatch reddit

#7. This photo shows the difference between the size of the world’s largest airplane and the size of other airplanes.

image credit: alirezamahdav1/reddit

#8. These are the Clydesdales, a breed of horses from the farms of Clydesdale County: they are imposing and majestic.

image credit: keywhyesay/reddit

#9. It is a giant African land snail: it is certainly very far from the snails we are used to.

image credit: sverdrupian / reddit

#10. This photo compares the head of a man to the head of a lion: the difference and the affection between the two are striking.

image credit: lionwhisperersa/instagram

#11. The size of this bear paw is also impressive: the nails are as big as a woman’s head.

image credit: dustyfrown/reddit

#12. It is a giant sea turtle: its size, compared to that of humans, is staggering.

image credit: wulfsigex/reddit

#13. The polar bear’s paw compared to the human hand: there is just a slight and imperceptible difference …

image credit: chiefflerpynerps / reddit

#14. This dictionary is compared to a lipstick: you have to have the eyesight of a hawk to consult it.

image credit: sirfreedom1776/reddit

#15. There are some really big mushrooms out there, but this one might outstrip them all: in comparison, the hand looks really tiny.

image credit: stelein / reddit

Would you have expected a bear, turtle, snail, or zucchini paw to be this size? Tell us in the comments which photo struck you the most!

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