16 Pet Groomers Who Should Be Fired

It’s not just humans who have bad luck with our stylists.

With the arrival of heat in many regions, it is normal for pet owners to make an appointment in aesthetics for their four-legged friends. But in some cases, people go too far and end up creating real aberrations, like the ones shown in this build.

#1. Gatyrannosaurus

#2. Human, what am I now?

#3. You are already working on your evil plan of revenge.

#4. Always well dressed.

#5. They said it would look good …

#6. Are you sure it was the best option?

#7. This body does not belong to me …

#8. All of Sesame Street is here.

#9. Help! What have I become?

#10. The cat’s face says it all.

#11. He seems to like it.

#12. I don’t know why you refuse to look at me.

#13. What did I do to deserve this, human?

#14. Dear human, we need to talk seriously.

#15. What did they do to you, friend?

Do you have images of misfortunes in your furry friends? Leave them in the comments! Perhaps you can be a participant in the following list similar to this one. Share this gallery with your friends so they can have a little fun with these animal stylists who had a blast with their clients.

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