17 Perfectly Timed Photos That Fool Our Eyes And Our Brains

What makes a perfect photo? Technique or chance? Maybe a bit of both. Sure, light, framing, proportions, background all play an important role, but the best photos might be the ones you would have imagined differently. Like, for example, when you wanted to take a photo of a dive and the result was a pear tree in the air, when you wanted to take a photo with your friends but didn’t consider that the dog would have wanted to participate, when you wanted to immortalize a moment at the beach and someone came to disturb you these 17 photos, taken in the right place at the right time , have the power to confuse our senses for a moment, forcing us to linger longer at length.

#1. A parrot with a mouth and hair or a woman with a beak? The two seem to be one and the same.

image credit: Jorarl/reddit

#2. Photo was taken just in time. the butterfly has landed on the dog’s muzzle for a moment, and he seems to be very happy about it.

image credit: chloehachiko/instagram

#3. A surprising coincidence. the earphone cord forms a perfect treble clef, but only for a moment.

image credit: reddit

#4. This group of friends tried to take a group photo but the dog wanted to be there too.

image credit: young_filmmaker/reddit

#5. The truck seems to be carrying the sun: a nice optical effect thanks to perfect timing.

image credit: imgur

#6. A ray of light entered through the window, and it appears to have made a basket in the right place.

image credit: Trololman72/reddit

#7. Does the cat have abs or does the model have a feline appearance? Maybe a bit of both.

image credit: j3nn1f3r00/reddit

#8. The girl tried to take a nice photo with her dog and the result was … weird.

image credit: ShamPow20/reddit

#9. The photo was taken just a second before the disaster: how did the cat react to the bite?

image credit: APurpleTRex/reddit

#10. Photo taken just a second before the man is sprayed with beer: he appears to be wearing a veil.

image credit: FCBayernEN/twitter

#11. Exactly the same dog in the same pose, with the same muscles and the same gaze: is it pure chance?

image credit: mysusualusername/reddit

#12. The boy wanted to take a poetic photo on the beach, but someone came to spoil the plans.

image credit: sophielola/reddit

#13. A cat with a big nose and whiskers: the photo made the boy who took it very proud.

image credit: CrashProof/reddit

#14. Another photo with the Leaning Tower of Pisa: the dog has put himself in a pose that is nothing short of perfect.

image credit: dilyemera/reddit

#15. Have you ever seen a parrot with ears and horns? The two animals overlapped perfectly.

image credit: farrukhjojo/reddit

#16. A perfect photo of the pool taken just before the boy entered the water. A perfect thinker!

image credit: imgur

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