16 Photos Perfectly Show The Power Of The Frost Wave That Hit Texas

When the freezing cold arrives and hits, there is not much you can do except finding shelter and adequate solutions quickly. The people of Texas know this During the first months of 2021, they experienced particularly cold days, during one of the coldest winters in decades. In the southern American state, temperatures have dropped to levels that people are certainly not used to.

As is often the case in these circumstances, there was no lack of inconvenience. Not only because the cold snaps came unexpectedly, but also because snow and ice-covered everything, making even the simplest of activities difficult and dangerous. Infrastructures, roads, buildings, services: everything has been caught in the grip of frost, creating scenes as unusual as they are fascinating. Just as the pictures we have collected below show. Wrap up well before looking at them, as we’re sure they’ll make you feel cold at the sight of them. Welcome to the Texas Freeze!

#1. Even the hippopotamus froze …

image credit: Skywolf111/Reddit

A detail that says a lot about the cold experienced by Texas: this hippopotamus is suspended and stuck in the ice!

#2. A glacial waterfall

image credit: SickNumbles/Reddit

We’re in Round Rock, and this image shows a completely frozen car wash. The residual water created a curious formation, to say the least!

#3. Another scene from a car wash

image credit: SlammyDavisjr/Reddit

#4. Glacial sculptures

image credit: GreenhornM/Reddit

Imagine taking your car and finding it like this …

#5. Nothing escapes the cold

You know it’s really too cold when you see scenes like this in your apartment.

#6. Even the basin could not withstand the ice!

#7. Frozen fountain

We’re in Pensive, and this fountain just couldn’t keep dispensing water!

#8. An almost magical scene in this ice-covered play area, don’t you think?

image credit: PastureSociety/Twitter

#9. Cactus … freezing!

image credit: quilencenotalking/Reddit

It’s not every day that you see a cactus covered in ice: in Texas, during the frost wave, even this is possible!

#10. An image that speaks for itself

And now ? When is it going to melt?

#11. A walk? No thanks, too cold!

image credit: Aerial_Fox/Reddit

Even the dog did not want to walk in this cold weather: the footprints on the snow speak for themselves!

#12. Completely submerged roads and highways

As is often the case in freezing waves like this, roads and highways are among the infrastructure most affected. It is precisely here that the greatest inconvenience is created, and this photo proves it. Unlike other US states, Texas is not particularly equipped to deal with such emergencies. The authorities have warned citizens of the risks of driving on icy roads.

#13. A surreal landscape around Houston

#14. Too cold even for the olive oil in this bottle: it froze!

#15. In the absence of electricity due to the cold, the temperature in the house has dropped significantly. The only solution to take shelter and gain a few degrees was the following

#16. A fascinating cactus covered in ice!

image credit: cjfullinfaw07/reddit

There’s no denying that when cold spells like this hit, there’s not much you can do. Frost hits everything, and sometimes it’s really hard to find the right shelter. Have you ever found yourself facing scenes and situations like the ones shown in these photos?

source used: The Guardian

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