15 Images Pleasing To The Eye Because They Show Us That Perfection Exists

In the midst of chaos and confusion, we need to take a break, rest our eyes, and feed our need for order and perfection. When we are lucky enough to come across something aesthetically perfect, we often can’t help but immortalize it and stop admiring it. They say there is no such thing as perfection, and that by wasting our time chasing it, we risk being disappointed. It’s true, or at least it’s partially true. Sometimes perfection exists: it is the merit of nature or of man who has meticulously employed all his energies to satisfy the eyes and minds of those who observe his creation. A tree with such beautiful shades of color that it seems unreal, an impeccable parking lot, an inexplicably tidy shelf, shoes that blend in with the decor, intense red strawberries we have selected 15 images capable of satisfying our thirst for perfection.

#1. The little yolks form a perfect circle.

image credit: imgur

#2. Millimeter precision.

image credit: Flynn_The_Fox/reddit

#3. Shoes perfectly inserted into their context.

image credit: TWrox/imgur

#4. Exactly in the same place.

image credit: ChiefPete/imgur

#5. A spiral pleasing to the eye.

image credit: dwimback/reddit

#6. The rainbow that crosses the chair and rests on the table.

image credit: skiboy53/imgur

#7. Perfectly circular.

image credit: imgur

In the middle of so many pebbles, this pebble jumps to the eye and attracts our attention.

#8. Foliage with beautiful shades of color.

image credit: OrangePoppy24/reddit

It almost looks like a painting, but this foliage is reality: can we stay a little longer looking at it with enchantment?

#9. The same shape as the tiles.

image credit: rollocks/reddit

The scale appears to have been created to be placed on this tile.

#10. The shadow stops exactly on the white line of the field.

image credit: klawehtgod/reddit

#11. Could they be more perfect than that?

image credit: imgur

#12. It certainly took a lot of patience.

image credit: sorry_wasntlistening/reddit

Imagine the person, or people, who arranged the fruits with such precision. Did they feel a sense of well-being or did they lose patience after a while?

#13. The day you know this, it will surely be a good day.

image credit: Dooogeh/reddit

How many times have we opened the yogurt pot with the hope of this result?

#14. Perfectly aligned.

image credit: RPBot/reddit

The parked cars, and observed from this point of view, seem to create an optical illusion effect.

#15. Meat that appears to form a flower.

image credit: imgur

We are drawn to symmetry from that of architectural forms to that found in nature. What image have you inexplicably looked at most attentively?

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