People Wonder Who Has The Weirdest Cat: 19 Photos Prove It’s A Real Challenge.

If we had to describe cats in a few words, one of them would definitely be ” weird “. Yes, because apart from any health concerns, anyone with a feline friend can tell you that these animals don’t always behave in ways that we humans understand.

And if you think your cat deserves a prize for being extravagant, wait until you say so. We’ve put together 19 photos below that might, at least in part, make you reconsider your position. What do they represent? Some of the weirdest feline behaviors out there. And believe us, there are so many, that people decided to share them on a Reddit group called “WhatsWrongWithYourCat”. A very apt name: if you’re wondering what’s wrong with your kitty, it’s hard to give an answer. In the meantime, we can only smile in front of these felines, each more particular than the other!

#1. What to do in front of such a scene?

image credit: Ominous_Koreageek/reddit

Enter the kitchen or flee? This is the dilemma!

#2. When he does that, I don’t know if I should laugh or put my hands in my hair.

image credit: sheriw1965/reddit

He just wants a little attention, that’s right, but you have to admit, it’s something between the hilarious and the unsettling!

#3. Ben what?

image credit: ZacharyShade/reddit

Have you ever seen a cat sitting like me?

#4. When it comes time to nibble on the sofa, no one should disturb it.

image credit: sangallium/reddit

Shamelessly, this cat!

#5. “I wanted a cat, but I got … this”

image credit: reddit

#6. When human friends walk into the bathroom …

image credit: Elkie_Kaibu/reddit

#7. Many cats start to behave in the strangest and most incomprehensible ways!

image credit: eeyajess520/reddit

“Every time I step into the shower stall he starts scratching madly on the glass!”

#8. Exceptional transport

image credit: shadowwraith69/reddit

He can’t help it: he loves being carried around the house inside that box!

#9. What should I do when I find him in this position?

image credit: reddit

#10. If she’s comfortable like that, who are we to contradict her?

image credit: reddit

#11. Would you believe he fell asleep like this?

image credit: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U/reddit

It’s the truth: he’s sleeping, but it looks more like he’s doing a yoga pose!

#12. No, he doesn’t feel bad …

image credit: ayelili/reddit

… he is literally enchanted and fascinated by the underfloor heating!

#13. Worrisome or funny? You choose !

image credit: Cats With Threatening Auras/Facebook

#14. Paws in the air: I need to sleep!

image credit: mochigorl/reddit

He loves to sleep like this: sometimes we wonder what’s going on in the minds of our feline friends, right?

#15. Do you notice any similarities?

image credit: Cats With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It must be said that he perfectly captured the essence of the painting in the background!

#16. We present to you a very rare variant: the square cat!

image credit: reddit

#17. Which of the two is the real statue?

image credit: diaperpresident/reddit

Looking at her like that, in the half-light, it conjures up something scary, doesn’t it?

#18. A cat who has a very particular vision of the world … upside down!

image credit: bajinglez/reddit

How are your cats behaving? Are they special like these or are they all in all normal? After all, we love them for these often incomprehensible characteristics!

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