17 People So Ingenious They Seem Like They Were Born To Solve Problems

Who said you needed an engineering degree to be a great ” inventor “? The solutions to many small and large everyday problems are often closer and simpler than you think, you just need to know how to “see” them even where they are not.

It is precisely at this moment that the genius and the creativity of the people come into play who, by coming to terms with what they have, have found something which it would be simplistic to call ingenious. Much like the ones we show you in the photos below: everyday geniuses who really seem born to solve problems!

#1. To use the toothpaste to the last drop

image credit: iamthechiefhound/reddit

#2. Freshly baked pizzas and a long road? Wrap them in a parasol and they will stay warm without risking soiling the seats!

image credit: Cerberus1349/reddit

#3. If shopping bags, with their weight, put a strain on your fingers, here is the solution: a carabiner with a piece of sponge wrapped around it.

image credit: WearADamnMask/reddit

#4. It really is pure genius!

image credit: Neensdogg/reddit

#5. Broken hand dryer? No problem: repaired very cheaply!

image credit: Imgur

#6. To avoid tiring maneuvers, my neighbor installed a rotating platform on which he can turn the car.

image credit: MagnetoRobotics/reddit

#7. The expression in the photo might be a bit disturbing, but this image attached to the suitcase is sure to make your luggage super recognizable!

image credit: johnheartless / reddit

#8. From a man’s shirt that was definitely too big and bought for little, with a little ingenuity I created this!

image credit: reddit

#9. An old sock with the thumb cut off and folded back on itself becomes a practical and inexpensive smartphone band!

image credit: neek85/reddit

#10. I kept forgetting the knife at work, so my boss did this for me

image credit: Sioswing/reddit

#11. We wanted a large mirror in the bedroom: in order not to spend a fortune, we bought 6 small ones and here is the result!

image credit: KyZar0/reddit

#12. The hot air from the air conditioner outlet dries clothes very quickly!

image credit: pencil-pusher/reddit

#13. My cat kept interrupting me while laying down on my laptop, so I built him a fake one!

image credit: reddit

#14. I work in a travel agency and we had to throw out old cards: this is how I reused them!

image credit: saxamaphone / reddit

#15. Old shoes to throw away? No thanks. With a little fabric ink, they are practically new!

image credit: reddit

#16. She knows how to live by adapting to each situation, even the most uncomfortable!

image credit: Napoleon31/reddit

#17. Broken keys? No problem if there are LEGOs at home!

image credit: ty6557/reddit

Have you ever solved your little day-to-day problems with ingenious tips like these?

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