15 People Involuntarily Melted Into The Background And Wanted To Share The Moment

Many animals camouflage themselves in the background to escape predators this is a voluntary and necessary choice. People can also integrate perfectly into their surroundings, but most of the time this is unintentional and quite irritating. We spend time choosing clothes to wear, or buying new clothes that are different from what everyone else is wearing, only to find that the same fabric from your sweater has already been used to cover the sofas, as the polka dot pattern. that attracted you so much is the same one used to cover a chair or your shorts to go perfectly with the tufts of grass. What to do in these cases? You have to laugh about it and maybe pay more attention to your clothes.

#1. The girl’s t-shirt and skirt matched perfectly with the tiling of the school toilets.

image credit: imgur

#2. It wasn’t intentional and he didn’t seem very happy that his sweater matched the sofa in the restaurant.

image credit: imgur

#3. The blue shirt with white polka dots matches perfectly with the chairs where the man and the other guests are seated.

image credit: tforpotato/reddit

#4. The man blends in perfectly with the train behind him: we can barely identify his body.

image credit: imgur

#5. The pattern of the t-shirt is the same as that of the subway seats.

image credit: imgur

#6. Shoes with eccentric patterns blend completely into the carpet.

image credit: victoriousship/reddit

#7. The grandmother is missing: her dress blends completely into the ground. Only his arms and face are visible.

image credit: imgur

#8. She wanted a photo by the sea and only realized later that her legs are barely visible.

image credit: augustostberg/instagram

#9. You have to look carefully to spot the person lying on the sofa: you only notice the boots.

image credit: imgur

#10. He wanted to play a game of pool and accidentally leaned against the wall which echoed the pattern on his sweater.

image credit: reddit

#11. The sweater has the same pattern as the sofa: the only thing that changes is the direction of the lines.

image credit: imgur

#12. The legs seem almost detached from the torso: we can’t really see the shorts.

image credit: braddamit/reddit

#13. Another example of perfect camouflage with the landscape: this person is also safe from possible predators.

image credit: TheLetterSeven/reddit

#14. You can’t see the boy’s shorts on the right: how can they blend in so well with the grass?

image credit: pestoislife/reddit

#15. The woman’s shoes blend with the chippings.

image credit: adognamedwalter/reddit

From these photos, one can logically wonder if mimicry is a question of spirit or of style choice!

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