16 Times People Caught Their Neighbors Doing Things Bordering On The Absurd

It is not always easy to manage relations with the neighborhood: many of us know that well. The people who live around us are very different and interpret the concept of “normalcy” in their own way. If we add to that rudeness, noise, and possible quarrels, sometimes we really want to escape to a place isolated from the rest of the world and live there.

But if you really can’t do it, know that sometimes neighbors can be an endless source of quirks, fun, and weird scenes. You do not believe in it? Take a look at the 16 photos we have gathered below. The people who took them were confronted with some very singular scenes. Do you also have neighbors like this?

#1. When I look out the window, I always see my neighbor who sleeps like this for hours and hours, almost motionless …

image credit: Patchypoos/reddit

#2. My neighbor’s garden is full of these mannequin heads … who knows what they are for!

image credit: bcbarista/reddit

#3. Mailbox? No thanks. My neighbor uses an old microwave …

image credit: Ophthalnurse/reddit

#4. My neighbor’s duct always made a deafening noise when it turned: one day, it stopped and we understand why …

image credit: reddit

#5. My neighbors left the sprinklers open and last night it froze: now their garden looks like a fairytale scene

image credit: avtec/reddit

#6. Upstairs, the balcony of my apartment, inhabited by 2 young men; downstairs, the terrace of my neighbors, 2 girls: find the differences!

image credit: Ecclessis/reddit

#7. “The doorbell is broken: shout ‘ding dong’ very loud.”

image credit: yarectln/reddit

#8. I never really want to look out the window and look at the neighbor’s house when it’s dark …

image credit: The-Holy-Sheep/reddit

#9. This little one rang my doorbell just to ask if I could give him a banana. Then he left immediately

image credit: reddit

#10. My neighbor freezes snowballs to surprise me even in the hottest months …

image credit: Imgur

#11. A fairly normal scene in front of my house: the neighbors take their feathered friends for a walk!

image credit: Imgur

#12. I don’t know what it is, but he’s been there for weeks, staring out of my neighbor’s window. He looks quite depressed …

image credit: angusdunican/reddit

#13. My neighbor put this piece of plywood on the fence: I embellished it like that!

image credit: reddit

#14. Rather disturbing to see in the neighbor’s garden, don’t you think?

image credit: el-2-jay/reddit

#15. It’s my neighbor’s cat: whenever he can, he always spies on me while I’m in the bathroom …

image credit: i_am_atoms/reddit

#16. It was 3 am, I looked out the window and saw my neighbor engaged in a serious conversation with … watermelons!

image credit: PotatoWifi/reddit

Have you ever dealt with weird neighbors like these?

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