Film Crew Sees Penguins In Danger Of Death And Decides To Help Them Even If It’s Against The Rules

Whoever makes a documentary on nature knows it well never intervene or interfere in the scenes that you observe, photograph or film. It is a kind of basic rule for all those who engage in this type of activity, aiming to privilege the absolute privacy of the animals without disturbing in any way the natural balance.

And, although it may seem simple at first, it is not always so. So much so that sometimes observers, photographers, and directors find themselves in situations where it is really difficult to remain impassive and “invisible”. If you don’t believe us, ask the camera crew we’re going to tell you about. As they filmed a group of penguins for a docuseries, they witnessed a heartbreaking scene that forced them to break the observation rule without intervention.


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

The episode in question happened in Antarctica to a team of the docuseries “Dynasties”, directed by the famous David Attenborough and produced by BBC Earth. During the filming of an episode devoted to the emperor penguins, the group came across about fifty individuals trapped in a kind of ice gorge, from which they could not have escaped so easily.


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

The gravity of the situation the birds found themselves in was obvious to the team members. And this is where the dilemma arose: what to do? Leave the penguins to their fate, certainly dramatic and fatal, or give them a hand to get out of trouble? In a video shared on Youtube by BBC Earth, we can feel all the excitement of the moment. Contrary to the rules, the group decided to try digging a few steps in the ice , to help the penguins out of the slippery chasm.


image credit: BBC Earth/Youtube

It only took them a few hours to see a mother and her cub who had managed to climb the ice wall, pushing their way to safety with all their might. So while some penguins in the colony had already paid with their lives for the bad situation they found themselves in, fortunately many others understood that the ramp dug by the men  was their escape route.


image credit: Mark 1333/Youtube

“It was great,” said a member of the crew, “we were about to leave, but then the penguins started to come out. Hopefully, they will have a chance to survive.” The team present on site has indeed saved the lives of dozens of endangered animals , an act which, given the critical situation in which the most delicate ecosystems on our planet find themselves, seemed obvious to them to say the least. Reason why many, commenting on what happened, expressed their gratitude and solidarity with the people who had to make this decision, even if it goes against the ethical principles of their work.


image credit: Mark 1333/Youtube

But those who said they were shocked and upset did not fail, arguing that nature must take its course. It is surely easy to say, without being in front of a scene of this type. And you what do you think ? Would you have acted like the operators or would you have respected the rule of non-intervention?

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