Penguin Chased By Orcas Flees By Jumping On Boat, Video Leaves Speechless.

The life of a penguin is not always easy. As if climate change, melting ice and global warming weren’t enough, these cute “ice” birds are under constant threat from those who see them as succulent prey to hunt. In the diet of killer whales, for example, penguins often play a very important role.

It is nature, after all. But we are sure that, in the case of the cunning penguin at the center of the episode we are about to tell you about, the presence of man has for once contributed to the survival of a wild animal (a Pygoscelis Papua). We tell you what happened.


image credit: Expert Vagabond/Youtube

We are in Antarctica , in the Gerlache Strait. A penguin was fleeing from the chasing orcs, more determined than ever to reach it. A desperate escape, given the speed of the poor penguin, who tried by all means to escape the hungry mammals. In the water there were several tourist boats , and it was on one of them that the penguin understood that he could find salvation .


image credit: Expert Vagabond/Youtube

So after a few unsuccessful attempts and still chased by the orcas, with a good jump and with the help of the people on board, he managed to get on the dinghy . He was safe, to the applause and exclamations of joy and astonishment from those present, and to the obvious disappointment of the orcas who, for a few yards, continued to follow the boat, realizing their prey was escaping.


image credit: Expert Vagabond/Youtube

The entire chase scene was filmed by travel blogger Matt Karsten and his wife. The two, who then shared the video, which quickly went viral, recounted all the wonder and excitement of those moments. “It was crazy – Matt said – it was like watching an episode of National Geographic, but live. I imagine the penguin was very happy to get out of there.”


image credit: Expert Vagabond/Youtube

An extraordinary natural spectacle, to say the least. The video manages to keep us going and encourage the frightened penguin to run away at full speed. Fortunately, the orcas didn’t try to jump on the boat, and the bird barely escaped. “After a while on the boat,” Karsten recalls, “the penguin jumped into the icy water.” Hopefully, the orcas haven’t found him …

Below is the link to the video showing the scene of the stalking through the Antarctic ice

via: Expert Vagabond/Youtube

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