A Prosthesis Reconstructs The Parrot’s Damaged Beak To Perfection, He Exhibits It With Gratitude

What would a parrot be without its beak? A bird’s beak is an essential part of its life for eating, climbing, protecting itself, and – in the case of parrots – even for speaking. This parrot was lucky enough to meet people who gave it a second chance: its broken beak has been reconstructed with great success. This happened in Brazil, where a critically endangered parrot was found.


image credit: renasceracr / instagram

The parrot’s beak was badly damaged and its life was in great danger. The professionals at the Planura Animal Rehabilitation Center called ” Renascer ACN ” could not allow the parrot to continue living in this condition and decided to put all their skills and tools to the service of rebuilding a beak incredibly similar to the original and fully functional.


image credit: renasceracr / instagram

The center and veterinarian Maria Ângela Panell i Marchió , specializing in animal orthopedics, worked on the creation of a handmade plastic resin prosthesis , modeled on the natural shape of the parrot’s beak. The prosthesis is meant to last because it is made from polymethyl methacrylate, an extremely durable substance.


image credit: renasceracr / instagram

The parrot, after the operation, has recovered and is able to live the normal life that was taken from him. And one can only imagine the happiness of professionals to see the actual results of their work!

source used: Inspiremore

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