Parenting Is Never Boring: These 15 Photos Prove It

One of the most beautiful jobs, but also the most difficult, is that of a parent. It is said that becoming a mother or a father is a great joy. What’s more, you never get bored, children are always able to surprise, you would expect certain reactions from them, on the contrary, what happens is almost always different from expectations.

So here are 15 photos that bear witness to the lives of parents and, above all, how they are not bored with their children.

1. “Mon petit Samsagace Gamegie”

This little guy has chosen as an outfit for the Halloween festivities to dress up as one of the main characters from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.

2. “My daughter is peeling onions.”

To keep the tears from flowing while she cuts onions, she opted to wear swimming goggles.

3. He tried to learn the art of invisibility

“My 4 year old thinks he’s a ninja, so my wife took a picture and showed it to him. He absolutely thinks he’s completely invisible in front of our black appliances.”

4. “My son is reading a bedtime story to the cat.”

He wanted to do a kind gesture towards his animal and read him a nice story. He did what his mother does with him every night.

5. Her child’s smile

Being a parent is certainly not easy, but all the fatigue disappears as soon as you see your child’s smile.

6. “He didn’t want to go on the ride alone and I had to go with him.”

A dad should always accompany his child on the merry-go-round. The hope is that he wants to do some carousel rides.

7. The look says it all

The look of this child seems to say: “I have seen things that you humans cannot imagine”.

8. “My kids are so interesting. They wanted to see 1933’s King Kong and they love it.”

He must have found a movie almost a century old. For children, however, anything is possible.

9. Titanic is a movie everyone loves

“My son decided to dress up as a Titanic this year.” Mom and Dad then set out to create a real replica of the famous ship.

10. Great shoes

“Expert Tip: Buy your child bigger shoes to grow in. That way you will buy fewer shoes.”

11. The Batman and the Dog Figure

“Yesterday we brought home a new pooch. I asked my four-year-old son to put him to bed. That’s what I found when I got back.” He wanted his dog to be protected.

12. My Little Superstar and Me

The little girl wanted to go to the park with her daddy and he couldn’t help taking her. Most of the time when kids ask for something, it’s hard to say no.

13. “My 6-year-old boy”

Maybe a little big to be worn like that. He is taller than mom.

14. “My little girl decided to dress herself”

She will definitely be a fashion designer when she grows up. She has a very good future ahead of her.

15. A Little Boss

“He ate all the creams”. The parents therefore did not have to clean the pots, because he took care of them himself.

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