This Woman Is A “Panda-sitter” She Is Paid 32,000 Dollars To Take Care Of Her 365 Days A Year.

Can you resist the adorable, sweet, and friendly appearance of pandas? If the answer is no and you don’t have a job that you are 100% satisfied with, then you should know that in China there may be the perfect job for you.

What are we talking about? Of a true professional figure who, during the day, devotes himself only to cuddling the pandas, in particular the small ones. Yes, you got it right: at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an, in southwest China, there are people hired to be ” panda-sitters “, a job that is well paid and seems to have only positive effects.


image credit: iPanda/Youtube

Many called it “the best job in the world “. Without a doubt, for those who love these animals and would do anything to see them up close, care for them and protect them, this is it. The woman we show you in the photos we have collected knows a thing or two about it: we could sit around for hours admiring the care, affection and attention she gives to the little pandas.


image credit: pandapia HD/Youtube

Perseverance, patience, basic knowledge of pandas and a willingness to be in direct contact with them are just some of the skills required of those applying for this position. And the compensation is far from negligible: $ 32,000 per year, plus various benefits.


image credit: pandapia HD/Youtube

Beyond the nice and curious aspect, the creation of workstations of this type is the result of targeted campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the protection of wonderful black and white creatures. In fact, pandas have long been threatened with extinction, due to continued human destruction of their habitats and low birth rates.

What do you think ? Isn’t this a noble and special job?


Watch the video:

credit: Huffpost

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