The 17 Paintings By A Street Artist That Transformed The Streets Of His City.

Despite all the prejudices that street art can have, it is something that is taking over many cities and public spaces and it is doing it in a highly artistic way. Gone are the graffiti without concepts, now the artists seek to send a message or make a statement on a specific topic, in addition to the sources of inspiration that surround them.

Tom Bob, is an American artist specialized in doing graffiti in boring or lifeless places in the city, and has managed to make his works not go unnoticed for their vibrant colors and fun figures.

He finds and takes advantage of any means to transform it, a rusty pipe, an old hatch or an abandoned street become the perfect setting for his brush. The following examples are clear proof of this.

1. In honor of lollipop lovers

2. “Two well-boiled eggs to take away, please!”

3. He is ready for the mission to unstaple

 4. It’s a lot of weight for his little body

5. The friendliest frog in the neighborhood

6. The Knight of the Rusty Hatch

7. A compass that does not point north

8. Jump, jump, jump rope

9. “Someone ordered pizza for two?”

10. Turtles visit the city from time to time

11. A city squirrel who wants to be your friend

12. the homing pigeon

13. The angel of the city

14. music unites paths

15. Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover

16. Dalmatians will always stand out

17. “Did someone take my cheese?”

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