26 Design Creations That Impress Us For Their Originality And Efficiency

A”creative”, as they say, is a person who manages to achieve something new and original to meet a need. Sometimes creativity can be an end in itself, in that it may not achieve practical functionality, but when originality is added to efficiency, we can say that we are in front of a brilliant creative.

We offer below a gallery of very original inventions that have tried to solve problems by relying on curious solutions. We leave it to you to decide when the goal has been reached and when it is far from being reached.

#1. A toilet with a mini door suitable for children

image credit: dragotiger / Reddit

#2. A pizza box that can be folded and collapsed to contain leftovers.

image credit: u/dark_forebodings_too / Reddit

#3. 3D printed protection to take a shower even with a broken leg!

image credit: xventriloquist / Reddit

#4. An ATM for cryptocurrencies

image credit: appL3ZOR / Reddit

#5. 3 glasses in 1 linked together!

image credit: sedo1800 / Reddit

#6. Shaving foam that advises the numbers to play in the lottery!

image credit: kanyeomariwestfan15 / Reddit

#7. The cover of a book about … chocolate!

image credit: kbssita / Reddit

#8. A tuxedo that is suitable for eating pizzas and not just

image credit: pwenski / Reddit

#9. A gaming chair to forget about reality

image credit: kemre / Pikabu

#10. Elastic zipper to tie up your hair in an emergency!

image credit: Mellykarr / Reddit

#11. Fire extinguishers in an aquarium …

image credit: 2chainsguitarist / Reddit

#12. The door handle of a knife store

image credit: SGT-smash / Reddit

#13. The huge root-shaped bench in a park in Seoul

image credit: earthmoonsun / Reddit

#14. The bags donated to the LEGO store 🙂

image credit: eazymoney68 / Reddit

#15. This puzzle has a stand for easy reference to the figure you are making

image credit: ryanm032 / Reddit

#16. This spatula has a table with the most common dose conversions in the kitchen.

image credit: Naatrox / Reddit

#17. Tiles with optical illusion effect!

image credit: coopdapoop / Reddit

#18. Flip Flops with Bottle Opener: Perfect for Pool Parties!

image credit: improdrive / Reddit

#19. A trash can with a wide opening and a target to encourage people to throw away their trash

image credit: j_clearx / Reddit

#20. This slide has a liquid heated metal surface to prevent children from getting burned when it is summer.

image credit: DomaratSteelwind / Reddit

#21. This sticker leaves the inscription “Box open”!

image credit: rachelanne808 / Reddit

#22. The sole of the shoe shaped keyboard for PC

image credit: yeronyms / Reddit

#23. Foot covers for chairs in the shape of cat’s paws

#24. Astronomical makeup!

#25. Stowable cooking plates

#26. A magic lamp!

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