Photographer Captures The Moment An Orangutan Reaches Out To A Man In His Willingness To Help

While surfing the web, it often happens to come across images and videos that depict primates in attitudes and situations bordering on believable. Even if they don’t communicate with language (which some of them are otherwise able to do), their way of feeling and expressing their emotions is incredibly similar to ours, and with their gaze or their gestures. ,  they have no problem making themselves understood.

Exactly like the orangutan in this photographic sequence, taken by wildlife photographer Anil Prabhakar in a nature reserve in Borneo .


image credit: Anil Prabhakar

While on a safari with friends, photographer Anil Prabhakar noticed a ranger who, upon learning of the presence of a snake inside a waterhole, quickly dived to secure the bushes and protect the trees. primates. The man works for a non-profit association, the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation , which works to protect these animals, very threatened by the loss of their habitat .


image credit: Anil Prabhakar

A large orangutan seemed particularly intrigued by the operation and approached to observe.

As Anil Prabhakar was about to take a few photos to capture the moment, the large ape literally reached out to the man, in a gesture of help that left everyone present in ecstasy.


image credit: Anil Prabhakar

Faced with such a gesture, the ranger however acted in a very professional manner: he did not pay attention to the offer of help and did not reach out to the orangutan, preferring to pursue the surgery. As he then explained, although one might be tempted to indulge in this contact, it is fundamental to respect these animals (which, although adorable, are still wild creatures), avoiding that they don’t become too familiar with human beings .


image credit: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation

Poisonous snakes living in the tropical forests of Borneo are very numerous and pose a great risk to these docile animals, already threatened by human activities. This is why the guards do everything possible to try to keep them away when they are near groups of primates. A conscientious job that the orangutans, judging by the reaction of gratitude from this good giant, seem to greatly appreciate.

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