Boy Creates Optical Illusions Without Any Retouching, Fooling Viewers In Fun And Original Ways

There are people who, unlike others, are able to view the world with “different” eyes, capturing perspectives and nuances that, perhaps, at first glance, are simply invisible. In reality, the world can really change the way we look at it: it is not a banality, but pure reality.

Tiago Silva knows something about it. he is a young photography enthusiast who has become famous on the web for the images he posts on his Instagram page . What is it about? Funny and incredible photos in which he “defies” perspectives and the laws of physics by creating astonishing optical illusions. If you think it’s nothing special, then you’re wrong, because Tiago takes his photos without any editing. No artifice therefore for clichés where the landscape, the objects, and the protagonists all together become real ” illusionists “, capable of deceiving our brain in the most extravagant forms and ways!

#1. A cuckoo clock from the pool … or is it just the waving shadow?

#2. An explosive mirror effect

#3. Dragged in the air by the tail!

#4. Do you want a piece of … rock?

#5. A very … eventful head!

#6. The light in my hands, just at this very precise angle!

#7. Where does the seagull take it?

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#8. A giant and his “little” car-shaped toys

#9. Very original this bicycle with two wheels and … a spectacle lens!

#10. A damn big fist!

#11. It shouldn’t be very light to wear on your back …

#12. A little gymnastics always feels good

#13. A dip … in the ice!

What do you think? Aren’t the images created by this guy amazing? To find out more, visit her Instagram page !

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