Two-year-old Girl Points To Her Mother’s Great-grandmother In An Old Photo And Says ‘that’s Me’.

Children, with their innocence and kindness, are able to bring joy into everyday life. We are always fascinated by their way of communicating , the expressiveness of their early years, the lucidity with which they invent games and situations. But an English mother was certain that her daughter’s words were neither a game nor a figment of her imagination.

The woman happened to witness a scene she described as “disturbing”. She and her daughter Ella were staying with her parents, the grandparents of her two-year-old daughter. Ella was holding an old black and white photo. The photo shows her grandmother and great-grandmother in bygone times. Ella, pointing to her mother’s great-grandmother, says “it’s me”. She often repeated it “it’s me”. It’s grandma and me,” the child says, showing the picture to her mother. The woman, in disbelief of what’s going on, asks again, “show mom who you are,” and little Ella points to the picture. mother’s great-grandmother and repeats “it’s me”.

Ella’s mother, who goes by the name gi_gi216 on TikTok, claims Ella had never seen the photo before and couldn’t figure out who these women were. At some point, Ella’s grandmother, the daughter and granddaughter of the women in the picture, appeared, and even in front of her the child continued to support her thesis.

The tiktoker says, “My mom almost cried. My daughter said the same thing to my mom, except it was me and mom’s grandma. I never said who was either. another of those people for her.”

The video quickly garnered millions of views, and even TikTok users were left speechless. They tried to give explanations, more or less plausible, and to put forward hypotheses: is it a reincarnation or a simple instinct? Many users have shared similar experiences, and one user says he experienced an almost identical scene. He says, “My daughter says she’s my grandfather. She sings the typical barbershop songs. I don’t even know them.”

source used – gi_gi216/TikTok

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