Designer Turns Old Beetle Into Superman, Classic Roadster But With Modern Taste

Of all the vintage cars, the glorious Volkswagen Beetle is perhaps the one that has lent itself the most to the modifications, readjustments, and transformations which have often made it an even more original vehicle than it already was.

In fact, it’s a car that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed – imagine turning it into something absolutely special, with both classic and modern elegance, a car we would all love to take a ride on. This is exactly what Norwegian designer Danni Koldal began to do when he thought of his “Superman”, much more than just a Ladybug.


image credit: danni.kk / Instagram

Underneath the spectacular car created by Koldal is one of the 22 million Beetles sold worldwide, namely a 1961 Deluxe. That’s where the designer started out, creating something absolutely stunning.


The roof disappeared, as well as half of the windshield : entering the workshop, Volkswagen’s historic car began its incredible transformation. Danni worked hard on the body, modifying it in an obvious but uniform and proportionate way, until transforming the Beetle into a real sporty roadster .


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It would indeed be reductive to call this car simply “convertible”, because it is much more than that. Thanks to the matte black paintwork, the widened and chrome-plated wheels and many other specific details, the “Superman” looks anything but a small car of modest origin.


Boldness and sportiness are everywhere, associated with a minimalist and totally modern elegance. The result is a car with a very strong personality , in which there are references to the superhero from which it takes its name, including quotes.


Inside, the classic feel of the original Beetle has been retained, but still with a touch of refinement and “clean” style.

In short: the “Superman” is an attractive car that really makes you want to get in and drive. The umpteenth, very successful proof of the fascination still exerted on many classic cars like the Beetle, real immortal jewels of mechanics!

source used: danni.kk / Instagram

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