Mom Criticized For Not Allowing Her Son To Enter Public Toilets Alone, ​​”You’re Exaggerating”

Becoming a parent, although it is one of the greatest joys that can exist, is never easy, because you have to start caring for another individual. You have to give him an education, but above all, you have to allow him to become independent over time. That is why it is necessary to teach them how to overcome problems. The teachings and decisions of a mother and a father, however, are always open to criticism from others.

The mother in the story has been criticized for not allowing her 7-year-old son to go to the men’s bathroom alone in public places.

The mum decided to speak out on why she was criticized on Mumsnet , asked users for their thoughts on the matter and whether she was really being so unreasonable in not wanting her seven-year-old son to go to a facility bathroom alone .

“When I go out with my child and he needs to go to the bathroom, I take him with me to the ladies’ room. That way I can help and control him.” But at a certain age, you feel the need to become independent, and the young boy expressed to his mother the need to go to the men’s bathroom alone. The woman, however, objects to him meeting other men in the restroom.

“He often asked me and I didn’t know how to explain to him why I wouldn’t let him. I only sent him once to the gentlemen’s because I was sure he wouldn’t meet there. person.”

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Many users have intervened in the debate. Many criticized him, believing that one should not be too restrictive on this question, because the son has reached the appropriate age to be able to go to the toilet by himself: “When will you allow him to go to the toilet by himself , only when he turns eighteen?” or “you’ll have to get comfortable sooner or later. He won’t be able to enter the ladies’ room any more in the near future”.

Others, on the other hand, tried to give him advice, telling him to make this transition gradually, perhaps by sending him to the men’s room accompanied by a support person, then gradually letting him go alone. .

What do you think of this mother’s attitude?

Source used – Daily Mail / Mums net

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