20 Nostalgic Images That Show What Mcdonald’s Were Like In The 80s And 90s.

A bath of nostalgia.

There are only six months left before this very strange 2020 comes to an end. This is great news for many people, as many of us look forward to this terrible year ending. However, on the other hand, there is great concern that everything will definitely change. We are living in a moment of force majeure when we are forced to stay at home: the virus will not care if we have a new year or not, it is not. same?

Well, bad news aside, many people had something in common in this quarantine: closeness to family and the memory of good times in the past.

If you were a kid in the 80s, 90s or even 2000, McDonald’s certainly played a crucial role in your life, as nothing was more fun than eating a happy meal and playing for a while at the restaurant’s theme park, right?

Thinking about it, many people were able to find in their homes photos and even toys from that happy time, of our favorite characters that have been left on the road today. See just 20 pictures showing what McDonald’s was like in the 80s and 90s and get ready for the moment of nostalgia.

#1. The puzzles in the happy boxes.

#2. Many supermarkets in the Walmart chain had this food court in the 1990s.

#3. Every place had an ashtray like this … Including McDonalds!

#4. The transformers of the Happy Meal.

#5. Mc Donald’s Playground or Baby Detention Center?

#6. Cones were gigantic in the past.

#7. Did you ever have this dinosaur-shaped hand puppet?

#8. When nobody liked the salad, but you asked for it because it was Mc salad in a smoothie container.

#9. Have you ever had one of Mickey’s mugs in the World of Magic?

#10. And who wouldn’t like to play Barbie with Mc Donalds miniature items?

#11. Have you ever played with any of these Halloween potatoes?

#12. These benches became very popular in the 2000s.

#13. Toys from 1987.

#14. This style of flooring was the standard at McDonald’s in the 90’s and many of them are still in stores today!

 #15. And the delicious apple tartlets for dessert?

#16. Birthday parties were always full of surprises.

#17. And did you have the opportunity to eat sitting in one of these as a child?

#18. How fun were the hours we spent here, waiting for lunch to be ready, right?

#19. What about Ronald’s gang? Do you remember the names of all the characters?

#20. Finally, do you remember the thematic banks of the food courts?

After this nostalgic bath, you will surely have a craving for a hamburger to remember your childhood. Share this gallery with your friends so that together they remember the afternoons of laughter in one of these restaurants.

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