Noah’s Ark: It Takes Man 20 Years To Build The Exact Replica.

Johan’s Ark: this is how the Dutch replica of Noah’s Ark is known, which a man built for 20 years and achieved an exact model.

This faithful replica of Noah’s Ark, in the most famous biblical story, was the exciting project of one man.

Dutch carpenter and artist, Johan Huibers, spent nearly 20 years planning and building this remarkable vessel.


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This huge floating monument to the biblical narrative of the Genesis flood is actually a mobile museum.

Called Noah’s Ark, it was built with biblical measurements in mind.

The ship was measured in cubits with a volume of wood equal to 12,000 trees.

In modern terms, it is 119 meters (390 ft) long, 30 meters (98 ft) wide, and 23 meters (75 ft) tall.


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Completed in 2012, Noah’s Ark is technically unseaworthy, but it can be moved from port to port on tugboats.

While the dimensions are of biblical proportions, the wood was much more difficult to copy.

The Bible notes that Noah used “gopher wood”; this modern replica was built with American cedar and pine.

According to Wikipedia, the construction took 4 years and around 4 million euros to complete.


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what’s inside

Noah’s Ark features a fantastic lineup of animal statues representing the animals contained in the biblical ark.

Their ranks are bolstered by a small petting zoo featuring mostly birds, rabbits, and other small animals.

The ark also has a full restaurant and two movie theaters.


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Tours of the ark are packed with educational content to educate visitors on the biblical relevance of the ark.

Huibers’ dream was to take the ship to other countries, such as Israel, England, the US and even parts of South America.

However, all of these plans have been thwarted by security concerns.


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This is not the first ark that Johan has built.

Before building this full-scale replica, he took a medium-sized ark.

This Noah’s Ark was made smaller so it could navigate the Dutch canals.

The medium-sized ark was sold to artist Sir Aad Peters, who recently broke maritime law.


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The vessel was found to be unseaworthy and has been the subject of numerous fines.

Johan Huibers, the builder of Noah’s Ark, along with life-size wooden animals, spent more than $1.5 million and four years to complete.

And although it has become a kind of tourist attraction, it is also a symbol of the religious rescue of the time.


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Johan is a dedicated Christian, constantly reading the Bible from one end to the other.

He wants to take his copy of Noah’s Ark back to the land from which it originated.

The main problem Johan faces on his journey is the fact that his Ark has no engines or sails

source used:NY Daily Post.

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